Advertising vs PR Pricing

The difference between Advertising and Public Relations is that with advertising you secure a space in a newspaper or have your brand mentioned on the air on TV or radio. This is a guarantee for coverage because you paid for that space. In contrast, Public Relations is “earned media.” There is no guarantee that what is being promoted will be “picked up” by the media. However, the value of earned media rates higher than advertising. The way you can equate that to is a person who sees an ad on TV but has no tie to the product. Earned media can simply be related to a buy-in from a friend or family about a good restaurant or movie, it weighs more than ad you see. It carries a trust factor.

There are various methods in which Public Relations firms charge for their services. One can pay a retainer or hourly rate.

Public Relations Pricing

public relations retainer

Retainers are a contract for a specified period of time. A PR retainer is payment that is made in advance to our firm each month before work is done. This is similar to retaining a lawyer. We offer a 10% discount applied for six months, or a 20% discount for one year. This is for strategic communications plans, writing, distribution of press releases and consulting or setting up press conferences. Specific projects such as managing a crisis situation or event coordination are determined on a case-by-case basis. This is the best value for your continued public relations.

flat hourly rate

Whether it’s writing a press release, setting up an interview, or consulting, or any task (except extended crisis matters), we can also offer a flat hourly rate.*

a la carte services

  • Press Release $400 half page (up to 3 revisions)
  • Press Release $600 full page (up to 3 revisions)
  • Fact Sheet $300
  • Bio $500 (up to 3 revisions)
  • Flyers – price upon request
  • Brochures – price upon request
  • Event Management – price upon request
  • Crisis Communication Plans – price after consultation
  • Media Training – price upon request
  • Social Media – price upon request
  • Spokesperson Training – price upon request
  • Community Outreach – price after consultation
  • Copywriting – price after consultation

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